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Solar & Wind Energy - Off-Grid Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams for off-grid solar & wind energy systems...

Wiring Diagrams - Off Grid Solar & Wind Power

Here we aim to provide a range of typical wiring diagrams for solar & wind power systems, as well as for battery bank wiring.

We often see batteries incorrectly wired - especially when there are more than two 12v batteries in parallel. Here's how we recommend that two or more 12v batteries are wired to 12v or 24v. The idea is to make every battery do the same amount of work and receive the same amount of charge.

Wiring multiple 12v batteries to 12v (PDF).

Wiring multiple 12v batteries to 24v (PDF).

Cable size is important - especially in solar & wind energy systems .... as a few percent of energy lost in the cables can cost many hundreds of pounds to generate.

To help work out the correct size of cables for your application, use our online cable size calculator.

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