Victron MultiPlus C 1600VA Inverter Charger
    Victron MultiPlus C 1600VA Inverter Charger

    Victron MultiPlus Compact 1600VA, 12V 24V

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    • Victron MultiPlus Compact 1600VA, 12V 24V.
    • High efficiency true sine wave inverter charger.
    • Remote control switch terminals.
    • UPS / transfer function.
    • LED status indicators.
    • VE Bus for coms.
    • 5 year warranty.
    • 12 V
    • 24 V


    Victron MultiPlus Compact inverter/chargers combine a pure sinewave inverter with an inbuilt multistage DC battery charger.

    Other MultiPlus features include UPS mode (Uninterruptable Power Supply), connection terminals for a remote switch and a programmable relay for the control of external devices. A low power 'search' mode ensures that minimal power is wasted. 

    12 Volt - MultiPlus C 12V / 1600VA Inverter / 70A Charger

    24 Volt - MultiPlus C 24V / 1600VA Inverter / 40A Charger

    • Efficient true sine wave power conversion from 12V or 24V DC to 230V AC.
    • Can be paralleled for more power, or 3 inverters can be used to provide a 3-phase supply.
    • Aux charger circuit for starter battery (4A).
    • Short circuit, overload, low voltage and over temperature protection.
    • Rugged construction with 5 yr warranty.
    • Remote switch terminals.
    • Programmable relay.
    • UPS Function.

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