Battery & Inverter Fused Isolator, NH02, 400A (similar image)

    Battery & Inverter Fused Isolator, NH02, 400A Max

    Tax excluded - Please check lead time before placing order
    400A Fused isolator switch
    Ideal for large batteries or inverters.
    Rated to 250VDC.


    This Jean Moeller NH02 fused disconnect switch is ideal for large inverters and battery banks when currents can get up to 400A.

    When combined with NH02 fuses, the isolator has an interrupt rating of 50kA which properly isolates a very large battery bank.

    This isolator is 3 pole, however only 2 poles and fuses are used for a normal DC system.

    NH02 Fuses are rated to 250VDC - not included - add as a separate item (see links below).

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